Getting on Medication saved my marriage

Oh, medication. There is so much I could say on this topic. Here is my story on getting on medication to help manage my anxiety and depression: I started medication in August 2013. I went to my regular IM doctor and told her how out of control my anxiety has been. This was one of the most scariest moments on my life. Until this point I did not talk about my anxiety and did not really think I had a problem. My new husband and I got in a huge fight with him telling me I needed help. Help? Huh? I really didn’t know what he meant by that. I decided to do a little research on anxiety and found that I have generalized anxiety disorder (I wasn’t officially diagnosed until years later). I knew the next step was to see my doctor. I sat in the waiting room with shaking hands and sweaty palms. My heart was racing. My thoughts were swirling. Does this make me officially crazy? What does it even mean to be crazy? When I finally got called back I was very quiet and vague. I felt like if I said too much I was going to burst into tears. She recommended getting starting on an antidepressant and I just agreed with whatever she said. I left there with a prescription for Celexa. I felt relief when I finally made it back to my car. Now I had to go to the pharmacy and get the medicine (oh great they will think I am crazy too). My first night after taking the Celexa was AWFUL to say the least. I had a massive headache and vomited later that night. The next day I felt like I had the worst hangover. My husband told me to stick with it and I did. I felt like I was in a fog for at least a week just going through the motions. After about a week or two I started feeling like a better version of myself. I was more clear headed and I didn’t feel the looming anxiety anymore. This was the beginning of my long journey with mental health medication and there will be much more to come on the years since.

Thanks so much for reading!