My Morning and Evening Routines

I just wanted to chat a bit about what I do to (try) to stand grounded and focused throughout my day and what my rituals look like. In the Morning I like to get up, get dressed, and make a cup of iced coffee (my favorite). I work from home so the next thing I have to do is to log in and do a little work. For my early morning break I go sit outside and listen to a podcast usually something uplifting or motivational. I also set my intentions for the day on how I want to feel…For example, Today I want to feel Productive. I then think of all the ways I can be productive today. I want to feel relaxed….what are all the ways I could feel relaxed today? I also sometimes wake up a few minutes earlier and take my journal out and just do some morning pages. Morning pages are 3 pages of uninterrupted writing about anything.

My evening routine consists of a lot of winding down and rest. I don’t do any chorus at night if I can help it. I take showers every night and when I say every night I mean every damn night. Showers for me is a time to be alone and reflect on my day and just simply let my muscles relax under the hot water. If I am having a lot of anxiety I imagine all my worries washing out of me and going down the drain. Sometimes I like to take baths with essential oils and bath salts. It makes me feel super feminine and super relaxed (I just wish my tub was a little bigger). I get into bed at least an hour before I plan on going to bed because I have to wind down in bed. I am not the type of person to jump into bed and fall asleep. I do my journaling on my app, do a little reading, and scroll Facebook (terrible I know). I just recently ordered a pair of Sleepphones (It is a headband that has speakers in it that you can wear to sleep) and I turn those on and put on some soothing music and drift off to sleep. I like listening to white noise so I searched for playlists on Spotify and found this playlist that has nothing but different fan noises that is perfect for me. Spotify has tons of different playlists with different sleeping sounds so you are sure to find something you like.

Leave me a comment and let me know what are your morning and evening rituals!

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By The Anxiety Diva

I've had anxiety for as long as I could remember and my number one goal is to help people through their anxiety challenges by telling my story.

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Hello, I read your post. I take shower twice, one after cleaning around the house usually some time after breakfast, and one at night because even if I just stay still for the rest of the day, the heat here in the Philippines is making me sweat out! Also, I love listening to soft gushing river sounds when I sleep. Have a nice day! ❤️

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