The Apps I am LOVING right now

I have recently downloaded some new apps on my phone that I thought would be good for my anxiety and wanted to share with everyone what they are and why I like them.

The Shine app- I won’t go into too much detail on this one because I actually wrote a blog post about it and that will be coming out soon. If you like to check in with yourself and to create a routine around that I would definitely check it out.

“I am” app- This has been my favorite one lately! The I am app sends you positive affirmations throughout the day on your phone. For someone who constantly thinks about the negative I like having alerts on my phone that I can repeat to myself. You can also set the times you want to have messages delivered (I have mine set from 7a.m. to 8pm) As I am writing this I just got one sent to my phone that says “I am a beautiful person.” There is a paid version but I have the free version right now and it has been working out pretty well for me.

Prompted Journal App- I love love love to journal but often don’t have the time to actually pull out my notebook and write. This app gives you a prompt a day to complete. It can be about a variety of topics. Today’s prompt said “My job makes me feel…” I like being able to lay in bed before I go to sleep and complete this. It has become part of my nightime routine. The app gives you a trial period and then it is 99 cents a month afterwards. Very Affordable!

Q365 App- This is another type of prompted journal app. Everyday you answer a new prompt. I like this one because you can see the prompts ahead of time and choose which ones to answer. Sometimes I don’t resonate with certain prompts so I will skip those over. Today’s prompt of the day is “What made you happy today?” This app also gives you a trial and it is $6.99 for an ENTIRE YEAR after that! This app has also been part of my nighttime journal routine.

Let me know what apps you are loving right now!

Thanks for reading!


By The Anxiety Diva

I've had anxiety for as long as I could remember and my number one goal is to help people through their anxiety challenges by telling my story.

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