Taking Anxiety on Vacation

Most people get super excited about going on vacations. I don’t. Not really. Not anymore. Anxiety has ruined many good moments in my life including vacations. Unfortunately, you cannot just leave anxiety at home when you go.

Three years ago I went on my first cruise. I was so nervous because I did not know what to expect and it was going to be my first time going out of the country. I knew there was a chance that I may become seasick (I have a fear of vomiting so this was a big deal) and that thought alone sent me over the edge. A lot of negative things happened at the beginning of the cruise before we even got on the boat which also heightened my anxiety. When we got on the boat I was scared I was going to get lost and not be able to find my way back to my room (hello anxiety). Looking back now I can clearly see how much of an irrational thought that was.

My advice to you the next time you go on vacation is to bring things with you that calm you or you have already incorporated into your routine. Do you journal everyday? Keep doing that on vacation. Do you have a morning routine? Try your best to stick to it. Anything that reminds you of your normal routine can help ease your anxiety.

Best of luck,


By The Anxiety Diva

I've had anxiety for as long as I could remember and my number one goal is to help people through their anxiety challenges by telling my story.

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i have Anxiety BUT ALLSO HEAVY FEAR OF ,VOMITING . very well done for talking about it . people never see the every day effects .there views/judgements are very Snotty Nosed .i take part in a lot lot research .have long list health issues
my blog.http;//

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