My Go-To when everything is falling apart

When I started therapy 2 years ago, I was lost. I knew I needed help but couldn’t imagine what I could learn in therapy that would actually help me in real life. Then my therapist suggested I start a journal. My first thought was I am 28 years old and you want me to have a diary. Haha. She said not a diary but a journal you could write down your feelings in to get them out of your head. I decided to go pick up a notebook from the dollar tree on my way home to give it a try. Later that night I sat down with the notebook and a pen and had no idea how this was supposed to work. I finally just decided to start writing and I wrote for 3-4 pages. To my amazement I felt better. I felt like a tiny brick had been lifted off of my chest. Fast forward to today, I still heavily rely on my journal and often use it when I am having a lot of anxiety and when something is bothering me. I think it’s a great tool that anyone can use! Just pick up a pen and paper and get writing!

By The Anxiety Diva

I've had anxiety for as long as I could remember and my number one goal is to help people through their anxiety challenges by telling my story.

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It’s really such a good way to deal with things, I agree. I also have a journal (though it is more diary-styled and I guess has a much more spontaneous and creative form than a typical journal) and it helps me immensely to write down things there. Writing is the easiest way for me to express myself, especially difficult emotions, so it’s incredibly therapeutic and healing at times, and I like to look back at my old entries sometimes to see how far I’ve gone or just generally what has changed that I haven’t realised. Only I write it on the computer, as that’s doable to me. I’d even say that if someone doesn’t have access to therapy – whether it’s only just right now because of lockdown, or can’t find the right therapist, or needs therapy but doesn’t feel ready yet or whatever other reason – journaling could be a good substitute at least in some ways, though of course it is not the same and won’t help with everything that therapy can help with or not to the same extent at times.

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Hi Anxiety Diva!!! I love journaling – writing is so cathartic for me and it helps me get everything out of my head! I have racing thoughts a lot ,so it’s wonderful to get all of it out! I encourage you to keep writing, it’s so healing! Take care – wish you the best! Divinely Bipolar

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