Social Anxiety as a people person?

I will be the first one to tell you that I have social anxiety and have been having it for a very long time. I will also tell you I am super friendly and talkative. Doesn’t make sense right? The definition of social anxiety disorder is a chronic medical health condition in which social interactions cause irrational anxiety. I would say I have social anxiety to a degree. If my daughter gets invited to a party where I don’t know anyone, we won’t go. If I get invited to a party and do not feel like they will not be anyone there for me to talk to, I will not go. I am actually a very social person once I get to know you better. 

I think that social anxiety (for me) is at the bottom of my list behind OCD and the ever there generalized anxiety disorder. If I can choose between being social or staying home and not being social, I will 100% choose to stay home and not be social. I truly do believe you can live your life as a super friendly people pleasing person and have social anxiety disorder at the same time.

P.S. I hate concerts, fairs, sports games, or anything else with big groups of people.

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By The Anxiety Diva

I've had anxiety for as long as I could remember and my number one goal is to help people through their anxiety challenges by telling my story.

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