OCD-pandemic style

If you have read any of my other posts you already know I suffer with chronic anxiety. When my anxiety gets really bad, I get depressed and the cycle continues. When the coronavirus hit New Orleans things got bad quick. The life I was living was cut off and my husband was put in harm’s way. That’s when it started happening, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The stores were running out of food and I had to get out there. My husband who is the logical thinker in this relationship already had us stocked up in food and toiletries but it was NOT enough. I HAD to go buy more. I had to get one more pack of toilet paper, one more can of vegetables, one more case of water. I would sit here and drive myself absolutely mad until I went. Obsessive thoughts and compulsive habits. My brain was trying to protect me from everything that was going on around me. My brain told me I didn’t have enough everyday for days. My husband took my car to work one day and I had to borrow my dad’s car to go to the store because if I didn’t do it right then and there I felt as though I would have exploded. OCD. I never thought of myself as someone who has OCD but now I know it was always there right below the surface waiting to come out as a coping mechanism when (it) thought I needed (it) the most.

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By The Anxiety Diva

I've had anxiety for as long as I could remember and my number one goal is to help people through their anxiety challenges by telling my story.

3 replies on “OCD-pandemic style”

That’s really interesting and I hope you’re feeling better now? I wonder, was it OCD or panic. Was it the anxiety going into overdrive? I can understand this. I used to suffer from anxiety and depression and my sister is off the scale with anxiety so I can really relate to this. I hope you’re feeling ok now and I shall keep an eye out for your next post. Stay safe and I won’t say, don’t worry because that’s just so trite (!) but instead, practise all your breathing tools and relaxation methods! Sending you a massive hug in this non-huggable world! Warmest wishes, Katie x💕

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Thank you so much! I think it was anxiety going into complete overdrive! My doctor said my anxiety was so bad I was showing OCD traits and tendencies. I’m feeling much better now! I had my medication adjusted and I am starting to feel normal again! Thanks so much for reading my posts! It means the world to me!

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