How to tell an empowering story (and flip the script)

If you have ever struggled with anxiety you know that you probably also deal with a lot of negative thoughts. For me, I was dealing with negative thoughts all day everyday. I couldn’t seem to shake the feeling that I was the worst person ever and everything I did was wrong and my life sucked. Looking back, I now see how wrong all those statements were. Medication helped me quiet some of those thoughts but a lot were lingering.

I decided that I needed to take control of my thoughts and by doing that I had to tell a new story. Instead of saying my life sucks I would say my life may not be perfect at times but I have a lot of wonderful things in my life and just because one thing doesn’t go right does not mean my whole life sucks. Everyday I have to repeat the word “story” in my head and I use it almost daily when I have a negative thought. I almost want to get it tattooed on my arm to remind me to interrupt those thoughts with a newer, more positive story. I believe you can do it too. Next time you are having a negative thought, say the word story over and over in your mind until you are able to flip the script and tell a more empowering story!

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By The Anxiety Diva

I've had anxiety for as long as I could remember and my number one goal is to help people through their anxiety challenges by telling my story.

2 replies on “How to tell an empowering story (and flip the script)”

Absolutely! And these are such wise words … I’ve spent the last two hours listening to a webinar about anxiety in children and frankly it applies to adults too … and some of what it spoke about was changing the wording and understanding that these feelings are all fluid and move, change, disappear and come back. And that’s normal! They’re not permanent. Lovely post. Katie


Self talk is so important with mental illness! I am always trying to replace negative thoughts with positive ones! It’s amazing how many negative thoughts of myself run through my head! I have been trying to show myself compassion recently, because I realize now I have a brain illness and it’s out of my hands! Wishing you the best! Thanks for sharing your truth!


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